Comment: Give that man a teddy bear off the top shelf.

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Give that man a teddy bear off the top shelf.

First prize, right there to the fellow in the "Don't Tread On Me" shirt...

The entire political system is rigged, and the rigging is backed up by the media. We have to expose the corruption and refuse to be governed by the people engaged in the CONSPIRACY to defraud the voters. Going into their corrupt game and thinking you can vote it away is playing right into their hand.

When go123mph says "Buy weapons and stand up" he is spot on - but I want you to understand there are MANY weapons to choose from. If you decide to buy a gun and hunker down waiting for a shoot out, you will probably die in a shoot out, eventually. So buy a camera, start a youtube channel. Buy a subscription to your local paper and write editorials. If you really want to play politics, buy yourself a PCP seat (and yes, it is pretty much for sale. Spend more than your opponent, you'll probably get the seat.) Most of all, buy yourself some throat lozenges and start using the most effective weapon of all to SPEAK OUT.
If you aren't on a "list," you aren't fighting hard enough.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: