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Comment: Neither you or your

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Neither you or your

Neither you or your scriptures you quote as absolute certainty can know of the existence or lack of existence of hell. It is your right to believe what you want, but when speaking in terms of fact to the rest of us who don't believe in your particular brand of myth, perhaps we should stick with what we can observe together. In my opinion, a more accurate statement would have been that you BELIEVE the premises to be untrue because you BELIEVE the scriptures to be true. You don't KNOW jack squat about it, and neither does anyone else that claims to. If we are going to compete at making things up, I have plenty of good ideas I'm willing to pawn off as fact to anyone gullible enough to believe me. Actually, I wouldn't do that. It's dishonest, and I don't need scripture to tell me that being dishonest is wrong (or stealing or murder or torture or anything else).