Comment: He is not well meaning, he is demeaning.

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He is not well meaning, he is demeaning.

I am sorry if this is a close friend, but you are going to drift apart. This does not even sound like a well reasoned opinion, this sounds like he is spouting some crap he learned for a test, and now he has (or will have) a DIPLOMA to prove that he is the expert because he can successfully regurgitate what he was programmed to say...
And take heed of Zachnap's warning - someone this enamored of the State will be just the type to "say something" to get a little "Thank you" note from his Massah. (I like the way it blends "master" and "messiah" - that is what the modern slave is. Sees government as both master and messiah.)

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.