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Fine-Tuning Your Understanding

I'll put my ideas up - i spend some time actually thinking about this stuff.

"Libertarians favor Plutocracies. (corporate, top-down control)"
First, libertarians favor no control-scheme, but this guy believes that a free-market would naturally lead to power accumulating and staying at the top. But you can only think that way if you don't have a firm understanding of what a free market means.

The BIGGEST EQUALIZER in a free market system is the absolute ANNIHILATION of "Barriers to Entry." Which means barriers for new companies to spring up and compete in a given industry. Stated differently (channeling Judge Nap), if you don't like getting screwed by Chase Bank on a regular basis -> you can go start your own. No red tape. No over-regulation. No hoops to jump through for the little guy to get into the market -> you want it? In a free market - you get it.

Imagine if ANYONE could open a 'bank' - so long as they could cover their loans. NO ONE could corner a market.

Regulations hurt the market, not by putting some untenable burden on small businesses, but by STIFLING COMPETITION -> regulations hinder new businesses from forming and entering heavily-regulated industries. (The most heavily-regulated industry, has the least amount of competition: banking)


Your friend kept repeating that point over and over. That a free market would favor rich, immoral power-brokers, holding everyone else down. (tell him to look at the system we have now -> which is not a free market, but a centralized, controlled one. (just as socialism, communism, & fascism are)

(I would say we have a Controlled Capitalistic / Semi-Fascistic economy. Actions speak louder than words. This is what we see.)

Tell him this:

When you have a centralized market (central bank controls money; central authority structure (congress, non-businessmen, non-economists) controls the rules) you ALWAYS get corruption. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. The only hedge on corruption is what? look at our constitution. The check on corruption is CHECKS & BALANCES. Each branch of the government has equal power, and is designed to compete with the others to naturally reign them in.

In a free market, the individual people are the "branches." Each person is a CHECK on the business he or she chooses to do business with. And as long as it's easy to compete, to enter the market -> no one can get too powerful.


"Also, on gun control -> an eye for an eye and the whole world is blind, and why do you want guns in the hands of stupid people?

This is easy.
Eye for an eye? Who said that's part of libertarianism? I'm a christian, or a pacifist or whatever - and I don't believe in an eye for an eye -> I believe in forgiveness. And by the way, in a free market, it's easier to earn a living, to open a business -> so people don't find themselves in desperate situations where they feel they have no alternative but to engage in violence to secure their well-being.

Guns in the hands of stupid people? In my estimation, the REALLY stupid people already have guns -> they're called criminals. I want intelligent, good-natured, helpful people to have guns. If you make it hard for the good people to have guns, then you know who has guns? Only the bad people.

BTW, the right to bear arms is about protection against a tyrannical government. Do you see our constitution eroding away? Let me tell you about the so-called "Patriot Act".....(and you should be able to tell your friend a good-deal more examples of this: NDAA, Drones, internet-tapping etc.)

say: "Don't you find it odd that at the same time that they take away our freedoms, they also want to take away our protection? (guns)"

Freedoms lost:

Privacy (write their own search warrants; domestic drones; TSA; wire-tapping internet)
Right to Trial (NDAA)
Right to free speech
Right to assemble (OWS was broken up)
Right to bear arms (assault rifles are already banned)


Your friend's argument rely's HEAVILY on the belief that in a free market, the Immoral Elite will rule.

Explain competition to him, in the absence of government restrictions....i mean so-called regulations.


A free market naturally punishes Unproductive or Volatile Leeches from the system while rewarding Supportive or otherwise Beneficial Entities within the system. And what about the less fortunate? There are far less of them in a free system, but they still get help from the people, but through VOLUNTARY, not government-mandated support.

Will there be stupid people in a free system who make bad choices? YES.

In a free system, stupid people have rights - so they can own guns - but they don't get rewarded for their stupidity -> so they can only buy a gun, if they can figure out a way to make the money on their own. They can't use GOVERNMENT-Money (your money) to go out and get it.

Freedom is always the best choice.
Ask your friend if he disagrees with THAT.