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Good comment here.

The Truth Marches On...
Submitted by Dixon Cannon (not verified) on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 6:08pm.

A hand picked jury, a Federal Judge, a Federal Prosecutor and a prison sentence does not change the TRUTH of the matter. The Federal Income Tax is unlawfully applied and we're still "Non-Taxpayers". What did Churchill say?...""Truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance can deride it; panic may resent it; malice may destroy it, but in the end - there it is."


Pete is right.. Most do not have an obligation to pay taxes. Even the Supreme Courts have ruled so. As much as a joke that is, in itself these days.

I do not however, advise people to not pay them, because they will come and get you once they figure it out. I choose a different route of non-compliance.. If I become "poor" I'll have no obligation, even in their corrupt eyes.

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