Comment: Oops, sorry if I missed that

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Oops, sorry if I missed that

Right, I attend a synagogue where Jesus is recognized as the Messiah. Those who don't believe are welcome to attend, of course.

And as for the large number of Jews who consider me not a Jew for my belief in Jesus as Messiah, I don't have an answer for them. You're right that they may find what I believe to be offensive, or they might try to disassociate themselves from me for my beliefs, but I can't stop believing something that I know is true.

It's clearly a divisive issue among Jews, but it doesn't have to be. I try my best to be respectful and truthful, and on a couple of occasions I've met Jews who have changed their minds and become Christian Jews.

I appreciate your concern, and I hope I didn't offend anyone here. It's certainly been a problem for me (and for the rest of our congregation) in the past. People have thrown bricks through windows, carved letters off of the building, spray painted, sent threats, and even pushed and hit members of our congregation. It's never dissuaded us from congregating and doing what we believe is right.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.