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Supposed to be

Sounds like we are on the same page in many ways, of course I seek alignment with other sovereign free people but I do not willingly submit to kings queens nor people installed with so called democratic elections. I only see individuals no matter what group and names that some cowards use to ban togeather to get up enough courage to be bullies.

The ten commands in the bible are good guidlines the golden rule is also one of my guide posts, do to others as you would have them do to yourself.

Bills of rights and constitutions no so much, I see and have seen time and again these are just duplicating the 10 commands and the golden rule and they are not kept or enforced. Laws made by kings queens and governments are for those who want to subject themselves to enslavement I do not. That said, the bill of rights and the constitution are pinned up on my wall here along with the 10 commands and the golden rule. Its all good on paper. But the main law I follow is the laws of the jungle, eat or be eaten. Fear is for the young this old texan dont have fear and after 15 years of Army in my younger years, I know the tactics very well.

Blessings. Thanks for the wisdom shared.