Comment: Where does "rule of law" originate?

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Where does "rule of law" originate?

ALWAYS - from the individual. You CHOOSE to be lawful in your day to day actions, without any government agent there pointing a gun at your head. The notion that without the THREAT of a government agent willing to point a gun at your head leads to unlawful behavior is ridiculous. If it is fear of being shot that stops a man from being unlawful, then he fears the bullet of the homeowner more than the bullet of a cop who will arrive after the crime is committed and he has left the scene. It is the individual who chooses to act lawful in every day, moment to moment living that keeps "law and order" and it is the individual who is prepared to defend what is his who keeps lawlessness at bay.
Self governance - that is where true "rule of law" originates.
The Constitution, as well as the Magna Carta, were forced on people. Even God gave his commandments to INDIVIDUALS. There is no commandment to go stop your neighbor's adulterous affair, is there?
As for my tag line... The Constitution is what we (nominally) have in place, and I recommend that anyone who finds themselves entangled with the "Justice system" know how to use the best weapon they have and use it skillfully.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.