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This is great motivation!

One thing you can do is set aside the money you would've spent and use it to buy something tangible that will remind you how much you're saving (silver!).

Silver is what - about $30 per oz now? When I started smoking again in 2008, I was shocked to discover that smokes were $8 per pack! The first time I quit, part of the reason was because they just crossed $5 per pack, and I thought that was too much.

But depending on how much one is smoking those silver rounds can add up quick! At current prices, that is almost 2 per week. If it is one pack a day, $8 x 365 = almost $3,000, which is about 100 oz of silver.

Wow. I should start doing that.

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Anyway, remind your wife not to stay on the patch too long. Even the course they recommend is too long, imho (they want to sell patches, right?). Really all you need is 3 weeks. And you can start tapering them down - they say not to cut them (they want you to buy the lower dose), but I always did, and it was fine.

Good luck!