Comment: I love ya Frank, but...

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I love ya Frank, but... that really a liberty-loving mindset?

You claim to love liberty.

You want people to own their justly acquired property.

You say that we have natural rights and they should be respected.

Why should I leave everything I love?

I had no choice of governmental structure, I was born in this area.

You said I could choose from communism, the dictators, and oppression of other nations states.

But why leave this geographical area to experience all those things?

We have all those things right here! (except communism, which doesn't really exist anywhere in the world because it is a wholly unworkable and impossible economic system)

I like the Bill of Rights.

And as you know, the Articles of the Confederation actually granted more freedom than the U.S. Constitution.

And as you should also well know, Article 5 sets up the basis for
democracy and majority rule.

Majority rule is the opposite of liberty.

This means, Constitution = Mob Rule document.

I know a lot of people worship the Constitution like it is a page straight out of the Bible, but it is a man-made document that has SERIOUS flaws.

How serious are these flaws?

Look at the state that has grown up around this document.

Ask yourself, did the U.S. Constitution result in more or less freedom for mankind?

Or more or less death, destruction, and debt?

I don't know if you would agree with this, but is it possible that we could have a better, more peaceful structure for society that embraces individual liberty?

Individual Liberty?

Is it possible with the Constitution?

Is it possible to have something better than the Constitution?

Listen to Dr. Paul himself.

If you are SERIOUS about creating a society based upon Liberty, you will read the words of Dr. Paul.

Are you dedicated to this?

Are you really committed to a free society?

If you love liberty, like I think that you do, you'll pursue all that you can learn.

Now listen to the above, it was written by Lysander Spooner, a critic of the Constitution at the time it was written.

Please let me know your thoughts and I'll be in touch.