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Well, End the Fed rallies haven't ended the fed either. But people are waking up.
I don't think 911 Truth is infringing on people's mourning---at least not anymore. If anyone says it is at this point, it's just a product of the psyop. It was the families that joined in on this early remember. They were the ones that got Kissinger off the panel.
The more people that know what's going on the better. Something in me says that if the majority of the population understands what 911 really was, we're all better off. I've changed the minds of many in my circle, and they've in turn done the same. I don't belong to any official "911 Truth" group either, but I'm all for them. I'm just a guy who talks about it--- trying to change hearts and minds, so to speak.
As much as I'd like to see indictments, I don't think that will happen. That doesn't mean however, that it is a lost cause.
Anyway, seems like this horse is dead. Good luck with your foci.