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That won't work - they would

That won't work - they would get slaughtered that way. In my post above I mention a way they could go about it. Once they have a list compiled and it looks like no one else is turning in their weapons they will do random raids across the country per night. In each town, they will go to maybe a few random houses per night. You will never know which night they are coming to your house and your neighbors who are like you will also not know they are at your house. There will be no way or time for you or anyone else to organize. Even if you let people know about what they are doing and they have started confiscation there will be no way to counter it. Unless everyone goes on neighborhood watch 24/7 waiting for them to strike. Not going to happen... people are trying to live their lives and go to work, etc. they are going to be sleeping through the night, not 100 people looking out their windows waiting to make a counter offensive. Besides, they won't be hitting-up your area every night - it will be random. Even if you watch a couple nights you will get lax and they will hit-up a house the next. A guy who lives on his own property down the road... how will you even know they are there? At night and 5-10 minutes average to bust in and disarm/detain. search may take 30 minutes. You might hear a few random gun shots, if you aren't sleeping.

They will use overwhelming force and drones. Every door and window will be covered and anyone converging on your location will be seen by drones. They will place snipers around, etc. So, they will be maximizing force per individual and instantaneous action.

The only way to stop it is to strike where they would be quartered, i.e., their HQ. Then they will call you a terrorist, etc., etc.