Comment: 1-2 #s/month is the big goal.

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1-2 #s/month is the big goal.

I've been trying to lose 20#s forever. It may be impossible, but go by realistic goals in fitness, not the scale. Muscle is denser than fat, so it weighs more. As our bodies get in better condition, they use calories more efficiently, like a car after a tune-up gets 5 miles more per gallon of gas. Go by how far, how long, how high, and how fast you do things by keeping a log of your work-outs and by keeping a dietary log as well. Garbage in = garbage out.

Take vitamins and supplements. Here's what I take and do. A multi-vit, turmeric, glucosamine, fish oil, alfalfa, separate extra vits: C, D, and E, 81 mg aspirin, and coconut oil. Our bodies are craving vitamins; our GMO food has been depleted of nutrition. Go organic as much as possible: milk, bread, veggies, fruit, eggs, yogurt, and primary food. Go organic with all of this. Fat is o.k., protein is great. Drinking water is your mainstay. Do not deny yourself carbs while you are working out. You may or may not lose weight in the process, but you will feel a lot better. Be consistent with your workouts. That is the hardest part, consistency. Rest well. Sleep becomes very important when you start physically challenging yourself. We are our own worst critics. Linking the body with the mind is the goal.