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"If you don't accept the gift of salvation, then you willingly said Lord I don't want you, and as with anything voluntary, you will not be aloud in Heaven because you chose to reject the invitation"

Wow... How can you people even function with this level of reason?

There seems to be a flaw in how they conveyed the situation.
The rejection of the invitation is not what 'sends' people to hell. It's not rejection of heaven, it's rejection of a conditional pardon for crimes you've committed. Hell is for punishment of the crimes, not for rejection of the pardon. The pardon comes with the condition of acknowledging the Lordship and atonement of Jesus. If you choose to reject Jesus, then you choose to be judged for all of the sins you've committed in your life. So if you have sinned in your life, but tell him that you don't want to accept the pardon for your sins, you are basically choosing to face the judgement without the pardon. To say that you would not choose judgement would conflict with the active choices for sin that you've made in your life which earn the punishment of hell.

God didn't create people as sinful. Man became sinful by his own choice. Also, God didn't create Hell for people, The Bible says he created it for Satan and his fallen angels. When people choose sin and reject the lordship of Jesus, they identify with Satan even if they don't see it that way. They end up with the judgment for the same sins, spending time with their new Lord and his fallen angels.