Comment: This is disinformation...! Unless you put your money where

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This is disinformation...! Unless you put your money where

Unless you put your money where the disinformation is, this type of disinformation is the same as used by the CPUSA for a century here, and the Communist party around the world (of course Neocon funded)! It is used to create class warfare, chaos, and in general to facilitate a breakdown in order, always necessary when overthrowing any once-free nation. It is simply part of the process!

Putting your money where the mouth is in this case, is to bring forth the proof of this claim. I also know law enforcement intimately... the claim is far overblown! But that doesn't tingle the ears of the ignorant masses enough!

Follow what Dr. Paul has stated repeatedly, understand the mechanisms of failure, focus on the tools for change, do not fall for disinformation and distractions designed to confuse and panic the masses out of their straight forward and practical solutions found in the constitution!

Do not neglect your foundations. In so doing you become ripe for picking. Not so neglecting, the worst of scoundrels and bums occupying Congress will find in you steady ship of state that is hard to sink, and they will become a sorry dock full of public servants awaiting their arrest and walking the plank.

Then our ship of freemen will return to port, maybe broken and unpainted on the surface, but sound in hull and masts, and under full sail!

Ron Paul 2016... Get use to it!