Comment: End the Fed rallys have not ended the fed.

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End the Fed rallys have not ended the fed.

I only joined the GOP when RP made his second bid for president, knowing he was not going to go third party (I joined the LP in 76 and went indy in 93, so this is my first major party membership and participation). The only regret I have is not joining the GOP in 07. I look back and see all my activism, sign waving, petitioning, rallying and protesting.. it was all a waste of MY time (I'm not saying it is a waste for others). Everything I did as an Indy, I can do better in the GOP because the GOP is established.

At the time.. weeks after 911.. when I was getting my first vids.. at that time people were in mourning and there was no "truth" movement. Now, I believe the majority of people know 911 was controlled demolition.

I don't think it matters how many people know. I think it matters that people who have power not only know, but are willing to get the evidense and indict people.

My hope, is that people like myself, who joined the GOP and took committee seats, became vetted and won elected offices will enable the powers that are willing and wanting to restore the republic, can support that power and obtain justice. I appreciate the luck. Thank you.

My fear is that 911 truth disolves the republic by encouraging people to hate America and the Republic, which is what 911 truth does best.