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I believe it's very likely

that since the American patriot is the only thing that stands between these sociopaths and a NWO - all stops would be pulled out. That means every bit of black-ops "breakaway civilization" technology.

Question: How do you defend against a drone that can take you out from 2,000 feet? All this gung ho talk is just that - talk. I prefer to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. All this chest beating thinking it's going to be a cake walk is not conducive to the cause.

I think the American patriot's biggest weakness is his/her irrational sense of over-confidence.

Virtually every waking minute of the past 9 years... and as an aside for more than a decade before that... I've been working to prevent what everyone thinks is an inevitable civil war.

I would like to continue to think it can still be prevented. Keep in mind there are likely a lot of foreign troops that are looking to "pay back" the American sheeple for their complacency, apathy and ignorance which has been funding global genocide for the last century.