Comment: Feinstein Bill Fail

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Feinstein Bill Fail

I don't suspect Feinstein's bill will have any success. It will go down in the House, if not the Senate.

If it does succeed in some form and gain passage, it won't have everything Feinstein currently has on it. It will just be yet another little piece of incrementalism.

If it does succeed in its current proposed form, it will be enforced through legal tactics, NOT armed officers showing up on your doorstep.

For example, consider this: the Feinstein Bill allows grandfathered weapons to be kept, IF registered. You can choose NOT to register your weapon, but should you be found with it in the future in some circumstance, you will have no proof that it is a legal grandfathered weapon because you didn't register it like the government asked, and therefore you will have no standing in court to keep your weapon.

So you can choose to go out in a personal blaze of glory that won't receive media coverage and no one will care about it, or you can comply and register your weapon if the law passes. I prefer neither option. The first battle we should concentrate on is the one in Congress, and the one in public opinion.

God Bless.