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Comment: What if God were Loving and Good?

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What if God were Loving and Good?

Here's my real question.

If fatlibertarian (the author of the Op) were really a libertarian and really atheist, then he believes God does not exist, right?

If God does not exist for fatlibertarian, then "God" in concept, according to the athiest could EQUALLY be Loving and Benevolent, just as much as he could be a "Brutal Authoritarian".

In other words, in the atheists mind, there would be an EQUAL PROBABILITY of a loving, benevolent god as there would be a brutal dictator, since to an atheist, the chance of each is ZERO.

So, if there's an equal probability of God being loving and benevolent,then why did fat libertarian choose to post this highly divisive Op and ask if God is otherwise?

THAT's the real question here. What are fatlibertarian's REAL motivations.