Comment: Change My Sleep Patterns!

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Change My Sleep Patterns!

This has been a tough one for me. I have largely quit caffeine (which contributes to delayed sleep phase disorder) in the last year or so. It's been an up and down battle, mainly because it's not that I can't have ANY caffeine, just not constantly. But I've gotten that resolved so now I'm moving on to sleep patterns.

Being that I work online and from home, my typical sleep patterns were rather ridiculous. Staying up till 3 to 5 AM!, and sleeping till noon or 2 PM. The thing is, it works for me. I feel great when I sleep from those times. I'm fresh, I can think and function and since I work from home, there's often little reason to change it.

But the last few months, especially with the daylight change, the darkness setting so quickly after I wake-up has really been making me feel the pressure to change my sleep patterns. Anyone who's tried this knows it's not easy. In fact, if you've never done it before it can seem impossible.

But this month I've already moved my hours back to going to bed now at 1-2 AM and sleeping till 10 AM. I am doing it, and sleeping well through the night now. But I still don't feel very good when I wake up. My body is still wanting to sleep later. I need to push this back further.. Maybe 7AM wake-up consistently?

This is just one step in some changes I wanna make. But I want to focus on this first one before I even tackle the others. The end goal is that my current sleep patterns make it difficult if I want to find a real job to combine with my self-employed stuff. My longer term goal is to wake up at 7AM and start jogging every morning. Maybe someday I change my name to nolongerfatlibertarian?