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Comment: I dont like what the efforts to ban guns does to ordinary peopl

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I dont like what the efforts to ban guns does to ordinary peopl

I dont like the way hot button issues get in the way of people organizing around bread and butter issues.

I dont like it that our jails are full not only because of pot but something called illegal gun.

Children are raised without a mother because her boyfriend demanded she give him her gun.

Adam Lanzas mother could have locked her guns up with a finger print lock but her son was a computer whiz.

Perhaps the first thing we can all do is that the next time a mother is in such a desperate corner there would be a place she could call for help before she is dead.

I have friends and relatives that like to drive and cell, I consider it as dangerous as a lot of guns lying around.


People are dying because among other things the driver is on the phone.

For a number of reasons our country is heading for bankruptcy. I have the perhaps mistaken belief that we can find solution's rather than just hurl blame.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA