Comment: Haven't listened to it yet but

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Haven't listened to it yet but

I started smoking to help me break my bad habit of drinking excessively. I used to always have a beer or drink in my hand and didn't know what to do with myself for the first year or so after I quit drinking. I now enjoy smoking. I don't feel like I'm addicted since I sometimes go a few weeks without smoking because I'm so poor and they are expensive. But, smoking gives me something to do when I'm bored and my grandfather smoked 2 packs a day of Kool cigs since he was 9 years old and he died at age 79. Another friend of mine that was a smoker died in a plane crash...smoking didn't effect his life span.

I wish I could buy pot that didn't get me high because I love the taste of it and it doesn't have all the man made chemicals in it...but the weed around today is about 20 times as stong as the stuff I used to smoke in high school. I need some really bad weed. Everytime I ask someone that smokes if they can get me some total crap they look at me like I'm nuts. lol. The cheapest (worse) stuff I've found is still too strong for me to smoke an entire doobie.

I have such horrible problems don't I? lol.