Comment: The creation exists, God does not exist.

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The creation exists, God does not exist.

Atheists believe God exists as a concept from the mind of men, they do not believe God is real.
The elect of God know that God Is real and that He does not exist.
To exist means "to comes out of a foundation", or something. For God to come out of something would mean that God was produced by something. It is illogical to believe that God is the source of all things and claim that God exists.
What atheists believe is that all natural things are, were and always will be, the sum of which is the source of itself having no beginning or end, or in other words a non existing being, capable of producing the concept of God.
Evidence of this is found in the scientific community when many atheists believed the universe was static. Out of the religious community came a physicist wanting to disprove the static theory and propose that the universe was in expansion with the concept of the cosmic egg theory which today is know as the big bang theory.