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"The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf!'?"

Yes, what you say is true. There are a bunch of pesky "survivalist" types who do not spend enough on Black Friday, or even the whole Chri$tma$ $ea$on. They must be parted from their money, and so alongside the "You want this, you need this, you must have this" advertising campaigns, there is a whole host of "OMG! They're going to kill you unless you buy THIS to save yourself" marketers out there. However.... What was the moral of the story, "The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf!'?"
It was that the wolf eventually came.
It is less than 3 months since I had coffee and chatted with the owner of a local cafe. She is an Obama tolerater who said she was sick of people saying "Obama is going to try to take our guns." She found that thought ridiculous, he is a Constitutional attorney and a good American, even if she is not a Democrat. She was trying very hard NOT to give in to the pre-election divide and conquer, and I admired that in her. But I want to go get another cup of coffee...
Things are moving quickly right now. I think they will et the momentum carry them as far as it can, and if they think the liberals are ready to support the conflict, they may decide it is time to bring it. Then again, I ahve watched this little merry band of internet watch dogs back these bastards down from war a few times now, too. We have incredible power, just calling them out before their false flags makes them change plans.
I doubt we'll see many more school shootings. They over-played their hand, and there are too many suspicious eyes watching those events now. Stay tuned for a fresh hell!

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