Comment: Satisfaction is a reward for

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Satisfaction is a reward for

Satisfaction is a reward for having achieved your aim. Passion is energy towards an aim, the result of motivation. Satisfaction dissipates passion. A positive only if you have achieved your aim.

Goals are ideas for aims. An aim is your current definite major purpose. It must be current/now. You can only have one major aim, and any other aim must be on the direct path towards that aim.

Changing you aim will stall your motor, end your passion, and require a new process of motivating passion towards.

Achieving you aim in reality.

Most people view their real self as an idea in their mind. Sometimes this is expressed in reality, sometimes it isn't. These people can "care" for another without providing care, or be a "motivated" individual without currently being motivated toward an aim. Their words describe only the idea they have of themselves, not reality. The chemical reward system in their brain is partially conditioned to this, and they feel satisfaction at this. They feel self esteem when they set a high goal, satisfying themselves. This is success to their limbic system. Part of their brain celebrates, part wishes the goals could have been achieved in reality. But the person is satisfied, and without passion they do nothing.

Successful people have a mental picture of their ideal self, a blueprint, and strive the make that reality, judging themselves for the purpose of decision making, self esteem, etc as the action they take in reality. They only allow their brain to release satisfying chemicals when they reach their aim in reality. This creates a scenario in which the only way to feel self esteem is to achieve the aim.

A person who sets an aim and commits fully to it, must have faith in themselves to achieve it. If they do not have faith, they will not fully commit.

Most people who set large goals have minds with chemical reward systems not based in reality. This is the first flaw. Secondly, if they are based in reality, they might not have the faith to commit their entire being to its achievement. They don't move properly, and eventually they change their aim. And then there are those who build our world.