Comment: I remember a time when I saw a grade school

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I remember a time when I saw a grade school

girl's science experiment regarding the damage a microwave does to drinking water for example. She took two plants... one she boiled water on the stove... the other she boiled it in a microwave.

Then she watered the two plants with the water and took pictures over the course of 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks the one with the boiled water was green and thriving...

The plant watered with the microwave water was DEAD.

Although I had HEARD many warnings regarding microwaves... I still continued to use them. Since receiving that email (about a year ago) I have NEVER used a microwave again.

I believe the above video could have the same effect with people when it comes to allowing stress effect your life... including how some folks on here like to "stir it up" not realizing that is actually hazardous to their own health!