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Bull cucky

"Most of the military and police will not side with government rather they will defend our constitution as they have sworn to uphold."

Many police who I have talked to believe that new laws always supercede the Constitution. I go further asking them if they can cite the Bill of Rights, they look puzzled and tell me that they have never studied it that much.

Military. Many sign up fresh out of high school because there are no jobs. They come home, drink, get a hefty fine and return to duty. They are bad-asses and love their weapons, but they have no clue about defending the Constitution. They take take orders.

Even at the gun show, I speak to a few off-duty officers who work the entrance, they had no clue about OathKeepers until I hand them cards. One of them tossed it into the trash without even looking at it when he thought I wasn't looking.

There are a few who do know and understand Bill of Rights, OathKeepers, etc. But they are well outnumbered. Even my local sheriff FIRMLY believes that he must take orders from his superiors and not the Constitution.

There are some areas across the country where they will defend the Constitution and not disarm. But again, it is not as widespread as you may believe. Look at Katrina for a prime example of a test run.

It will be true patriots and gun lovers who will handle this affair.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul