Comment: Hehehe, very tough questions

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Hehehe, very tough questions

Hehehe, very tough questions indeed.

I see you did not answer my question, though.

I must first say that the Bill of Rights, which I admire for the words it contains, does not protect me in court.

That is a fiction.

Judges can do whatever they want and no one will stop them.

Especially a piece of paper or a concept.

We have been lied to.

We were told that these national documents would protect us, but the truth is... they can't.

No more than the Magna Carta can secure due process can a dictionary cause all men to spell correctly.

Love for the Constitution is utopian.

Striving for a voluntary society (like how most of the business world operates) however, is realistic.

We won't have it tomorrow, or maybe even in my lifetime, but like the end of slavery, it will eventually come and our posterity will enjoy the fruits of voluntary interaction with respect of property rights.