Comment: We are Brainwashed, not Stupid

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We are Brainwashed, not Stupid

Very enlightening. And although your perspective is valuable insight, I think people are more brainwashed than they are unintelligent. There is a powerful mind control force at play. People may appear stupid, but I think that belies their potential for critical thinking. We are trained from birth to accept the authorities as the truth. People are very gullible as a result. I think this has more to do with social conditioning, and it's time for a break in the mindset that rules our lives. That's what the internet is about. People are able to think and express themselves, as well as educate themselves outside of the institutional dogma. That is where the message of liberty comes in. We accept lies because it is easier than to accept change. There is a fear of change that allows people to go along with that which they know is corrupt. So, part of the ability to communicate without restriction is to shed light on that which we fear most... change. Change is the dark room that scares everyone because of the unknown. By sharing information, we bring the contents of the dark room into clear view, and the fear is subdued. Change, truth, and moral societal/government practice will come about through a revolution of the hearts and minds (e.g. the teachings of great educators like Ron Paul, as well as each of us here at DP, and all others so enlightened). All people are intelligent, and part of the solution is to recognize this truth, and ignore the tendency to blame our problems on lack of intelligence. It is a mind control environment of the world's misguided message that needs to be recognized and addressed (See Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements" for an explanation of this condition). Thanks for your response!