Comment: I was going to wait until 2013 to say Happy New Year Big Boy,

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I was going to wait until 2013 to say Happy New Year Big Boy,

but since you are giving me the Big Girl, I am going to return the Big Boy :)

Yes, you are exactly right. They know exactly what words mean, and they know exactly what they are doing. It seems to me they have been doing what they are doing since 1788 when the constitution was ratified and they stole the people's liberty. ProudAmericanFirst says it is up to each individual to protect themselves...Big Boy, I am probably sounding like a Little Girl, but I don't see how outside of a miracle. The criminals haven't been held accountable for anything it seems to me.

They kill murder, maim, and pillage and as long as the American public can go to McDonalds and get their Big Mac and turn on the Tube, not many seem to know what is going on and if they do they don’t seem to give a rip. Me included. I go about my daily life. What am I doing to fix anything. Making a few phone calls, writing a few letters, talking and blogging. Big deal I don’t have any money to send the criminals with those phone calls and checks, so why should they listen to me? Did you hear Ron Paul’s Texas Straight talk for this week?

Man that sure was a depressing rant. Sorry. I’ll try to get my Big Girl act back together :)

Thanks rp4pres.