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Awesome post Camery. Spot

Awesome post Camery. Spot on. I LOVE intellectually honest posts that don't hide behind BS and rationalizations.

I don't know how anyone can condone what god supposedly does to the non-believers, but I suppose if you understand and accept that if you "don't" condone it, you're going to be down there with them in hell, then at least you're just doing what you think is best to perserve your own life. THAT is at least understandable.

Its the illusions and the hypocracy that drive me nuts. Its the claims that god is somehow libertarian, or that natural law and rights spring from god. If every christian, even the ones with the hell belief answered like this, I would be as happy as a clam. I can deal with honest debait and respect my opponent fully. I cannot respect intellectual dishonesty.

HUGE upvote for your post from me.