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I certainly don't need to defend rp4pres, but I can tell you that he is a good man. The folks on here are varied, we sometimes call each other out, hostile names included. For me it's idiot, moron, lol. But hey, it toughens us up and life is good. So don't take offense, ok?

Taxation is never good, especially forced. But there is also reality, and when justified, such as declaration of war under Congressional Authorization which hasn't happened since the last world war, things do cost money.

Striving for perfection should always be a goal. Striving for utopia is also nice, but in this reality unless you live under a rock or an everything-proof shell, there are things that humans need to work together to address. And if I pay and you don't to defend our borders, do you think that THAT is right?

Btw Steve: oh looky, my thread got -5 votes! I feel so unpopular, lol!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul