Comment: They boys couldn't make

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They boys couldn't make

They boys couldn't make snowment so they made fort walls instead and are having a snowball fight. See, I told you they would figure it out.

Yes, I hope so as well. In the UK it was done incrementally. One fire arm type at a time. I don't know if they came and got them or not. IMO the NRA is in on it as leading the opposition in the guise of being for the 2nd amendment. Is that too extreme?

We have friends that we saw over Christmas, they are "conservatives." We had a little educating to do as far as the 2nd amendment goes. The guy goes to China on business and didn't even know about the millions killed by Mao. He felt China was safer because the people did not have guns...the guy hunts…his son hunts…he has been to college…he didn’t even understand what was going on…I don’t know if he does now.

His brother is messed up from being in the armed forces in the middle east. He chimed in. He agrees with the NRA that armed guards should be posted in schools…so he can have a job. I explained that I thought people need to pack and protect themselves, not to depend on someone else to do it for them.