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Comment: Can you name names?

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Can you name names?

I'm really curious who you think I'm belittling.

I'm attempting to make clear what I don't agree with and why, concerning 911 Truth. I'm not calling anyone names like weasel, psy-op, govt troll, stupid, etc, what I have been called. It's not in my heart or my head. People have a right to their opinion and I stand for their right to express it. I'm going to express mine too, and if you disagree, my hope is that we can agree to disagree.

If you personally feel that I have belittled you, I apologise. And for those who feel hurt and belittled by my opinion, of 911 controlled demolation, I also suncerely apologuse. It is not my intent to belittle or hurt anyone.

Sincerely, The Granger.
PS, I have never asked MN or the mods to ban or censor any topic or poster because FREEDOM of speach is popular and I stand for that.