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Because the make sense.They

Because they make sense.

They fall in line with non-agression principals based on natural law and individualism.

Because Ron is intellectually honest and doesn't misrepresent what he's preaching as something its not. He doesn't call hate, love, or evil, good. Everyword he speaks stands up to the test of reason and logic.

He doesn't use lies, gross rationalizations, or misinformation to sell the unsellable. He doesn't use threats of force or promises of unrealistic reward to attract sheep to bahhh for him. He offers only a philosophy which we either agree with, or do not, with our voluntary, non-coersed consent.

His authority comes from his ability to produce a message that I can endorse and agree with. Much like anything in capitalism, he is selling something I am buying.

Where his authority does NOT come from, is a threat to shoot me in the head if I don't like his philosophy. I can't say that much for the flying spagetti monster.