Comment: Ron Paul's personally belief

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Ron Paul's personally belief

Ron Paul's personally belief system is not my business. I could care less what god he pays homage to, or if he does at all.

I admire Ron Paul for his message of liberty and individualism which runs antithetical to a "hell" based christian religeon which is a collectivist system of force and coersion. I have strong doubts he believes in hell at all, but if he does... that's his business as long as he keeps preaching natural law and free markets when it comse to government.

A man can conduct his life however he chooses so long as he doesn't use it to infringe on other's rights.

FBI, you STILL haven't looked up collectivism in the dictionary? By the Flying Spagetti Monster... you have an uncanny ability to stubbornly remain misinformed.

In answer, and as I said before, Im sure there are tons of brilliant religeous people, including Ron Paul. I still view faith-based thinking as a handicap and believe that these folks would have been smarter without their dogma, but that doesn't mean they can't be brilliant dispite. Ron Paul is a great example.