Comment: It's a high CBD / low THC strain

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It's a high CBD / low THC strain

They bred the strain to maximize CBD cannabanoid levels and minimized THC.

Latest independent (non governmental; non Big Pharma) research is confirming that CBD has a number of remarkable properties, including:

- Regulating / re-balancing the immune system for auto-immune disorders (Crohns, AIDs, Epstein Barr) etc

- Re-tuning the immune system to target cancer cells and kill them, naturally (non-toxic) .. ie CURES CANCER with no side effects.

- Repairing damaged cells, particularly in the digestive tracts (for immune disorder and systemic damage caused by environmental toxins ie. GMO DNA damaged digestive tracts

- Treating schizophrenia, depression and other mental and mood disorders.

This is why They will dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars to

a. Bury this research and

b. Re-double their efforts to demonize the Evil Weed that is corrupting our children and destroying the social order.

Can't be curing disease with a plant anyone can grow at home in 3 months.

That's totally unacceptable.