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Can liberty exist without force? If it can then there is no need to have the right to bear arms.
Liberty is good? You mean you don't have the free choice to do evil without punishment? There are many cases where liberty, the power to do as one pleases, is not good, and in these cases it is necessary to restrain the actions of one individual to protect another, with force.
Force is evil? Again, the right to use force to protect oneself or those you love is not evil.
Do you have a right to deny admittance of those you choose into your house? Are you to feed and care for those who refuse to work? Are you to produce only to have others take it, consume your product without payment or gratitude? If you do, then I am sure you will be able build or produce a god to provide you with a heaven after your death. But don't be disappointed if the heaven you build by comparison to the heaven of God, turns out to be hell.