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Comment: I did not suggest that you asked for censorship or ban.

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I did not suggest that you asked for censorship or ban.

Just because you haven't asked banning or censoring of topics doesn't make your approach any less belittling or condescending or mocking when someone's activism doesn't align with yours or measure up to what you think they should be doing.

You say you stand for peoples' right to post about things, but you show little respect the activism of others.

You equated the exposing of lies and corruption regarding 9/11 and the RNC with hating America and being a sellout. You mock those who wave signs. You wield baseless presumptions at people. You get in peoples' faces demanding to know if they are on a committee, even when it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand, and lambaste them if they are not (and I don't mean just where you tried to do that to me above), as if it is any of your business whether people are on committees or are delegates or any of those things.

Granger, I can respect that you and others take part in things like the party, committees, being a delegate, etc. But realize that everyone does not have to play the same part. Just because we may each have different roles doesn't mean that each of us can't make a difference with whatever form of activism one chooses.

Just because there have been no indictments in 9/11 doesn't mean it's a waste of time to expose the lies and corruption about it or with ANYTHING relevant to our liberties. Contrary to what you said about most people knowing these things, I don't think that is the case at all outside of the movement.

As someone who advocates for people to try to join the party to try to change things from within, you should recognize the need for people to wake up first to what is going or they are not even going to understand the point.

Exposing the lies and corruption is NOT counter-productive, but attacking or belittling others' activism is.

Perhaps we all could learn to be a little more respectful.