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I posted that I have never asked to ban or censor anyone because it is a fact. I've seen many posts asking folks to ban and censor 911 Truth and I think it's important to make the distinction that I have not.

Can you honestly tell me that you have never read any post concerning 911 Truth where the poster admits they fear and loath the government because of 911?

Again I apologise that you find my posts belittling and condescending for that's not my porpose..

I am asking people to show up to these committees, support the RP Republicans, and see for yourself what we are facing. Talk about lies.. MSM lies about the GOP too... they have worked very hard to turn people off to the GOP to gut it (there's an inside job) I have admitted many times.. the GOP is not what I thought it was.. we can take this party, and why not?

While my challenge may turn off many, such as yourself, it has also encouraged few who some are now seated on committees too.. my committee is growing, so I am very happy, as I am not alone. I might have been the fist, but I am not the strongest nor will I be the last. RP started something good with the GOP and folks should see for themselves.

I will also admit this, I have never been a salesperson, so I'm not good at selling people ideas. I did manage a band once, and I guess that was a form of selling.. but really it was more arranging and contracts...

Everything I did as an unassociated politcal activist was many times harder than being on a committee.. the GOP pays for it.. so why not use it?

With all due respect.