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I haven't thought of the details, but the info above was 2 walls filled with rocks. So I figured maybe line it with swimming pool lining and fill it with water. Most likely it would not be portable but behind the house somewhere, out in the woods, wherever you set up camp, you could have a nice 50 cal and smaller proof shelter.

A few miles from where I live it is poor economic conditions, there are very cheap homes built underground with grass, plants, shrubbery on top, you'd never know they were actual homes. They are nice too. Mobile-home size, living room, bed, kitchen, bath, all underground. In that scenario maybe go 10 feet deeper, construct something that would contain water over the 'roof' but still underground and there's no way that a shell would penetrate. That would buy you time anyway, until they send in reinforcements, which at that point it wouldn't matter. But at least you'd be protected from the guys on foot.

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