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Comment: Certainly nothing wrong with extending an invitation...

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Certainly nothing wrong with extending an invitation...

...for people to join the party or the committees. I remember bumping your thread even that you had made.

Regarding sales, while it was not my primary job, I have done some in the past. It is not my forte'. But approach does matter. How the challenge/invitation is done and the level of interest in the product itself are going to make a difference.

The recent bitcoin pitch is a good example. The poster's pitches for bitcoin, and his request for Michael to accept bitcoin, were overwhelming, pushy, manipulative, and demanding. It was also a product that many seemed to be wary or skeptical of. The overall reception as I recall was not so favorable.

Could that change? Perhaps. Same with interest in the GOP.

If being on the committee works for you, that is great. You can continue to extend the invitation and share your successes and the advantages which may appeal to others and possibly persuade them.

There are going to be those, however, who are not so interested in the political/campaign/election-oriented side of things who may never be persuaded that way, yet still participate in the movement in other ways. Hopefully the contributions of each can be respected.

Just like in a baseball organization, not everyone has the same function. As rhino used to say, we all have our roles. :P

Granger, I would like to thank you for the respectful reply.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year.