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no let's not

put armed security guards at our schools! Whoever came up with that is just nuts. Sure, let's teach our kids about freedom by having them live in a prison all day. Seriously.

When I went to grade school he had an open campus. We could leave during breaks...and run down the street to the 7-eleven or whatever. We could walk home for lunch or go out. This was along a major highway. We could have been abducted or killed by a car! There was a creek out back too we would go jump across...OMG we could have killed ourselves!

Sandy Hook was a tragedy, yes. But it should be treated as an accident or a criminal act. We should not be making any new laws in response to this. We should grieve, yes. Anyone around someone who is acting very questionable should take note the consequences of ignoring it. Making reactionary laws is a bad idea.