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I am not writing Rand off just yet, but for me, here is where the major problem is:

Rand, on CSPAN, national tv, had every opportunity to explain to the people that feinstein-lee amendment was worse than 2012 ndaa. He did not do that. Instead, he touted it like it was in the best interest of Americans on American soil. He did admit that it needed work for off American soil, but again, he explained the amendment like it was honorable, in the right direction and must be passed. The average American listened to that. The American people, and many here, believed that Rand, fienstein and lee were working on something good and trustworthy.

So, Rand had a chance to actually call them out on it, as Justin Amash did, and educate people to the truth and just how low feinstein, lee and others were. Rand, imo, failed with an F.

Rand should have taken that opportunity, in front of all viewers, to call for 1021 and other sections to be STRICKEN.

Thus the first line in my sig.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul