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Random thoughts

"If you don't believe in God you'll go to hell."

I believe that organized religion (specifically top down authoritarian military style, with the "local heavies" up on stage, bedecked in robes and jewels) created this question specifically to avert many inquiring minds away from the possibility of some higher power, eternal consciousness, and other such worthwhile metaphysical pursuits.

These same "heavies" have always been intertwined with other (power hungry) people who call themselves "government". The last thing a bunch of power hungry madmen want is for all the good people around them (who are the majority) to believe in these things, for fear of dying is a mighty strong tool of control. "Would you like a little extra 'security' for your: a) job; b) school; c) health; etc.? Just let us take care of you!"

I suppose it's even possible that the "heavies" have knowledge of such things that they keep hidden from the rest of us. One thing I do know is that a lot of them are into satanic rituals. This of course is not proof that real devils exist, but it does mean these people are wrong in the head (heart) regardless. Perhaps their worship of the dark side is their penance for having occulted away truth? Hmmm...