Comment: Then they cannot use the

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Then they cannot use the

Then they cannot use the service.

Roads are a service.

If I find that a toll road is too expensive then I will not use that road.

If people can afford a car, especially if there were no taxes, then they surely could afford to use private roads.

Your argument is akin to saying that if the state didn't tax us to pay for shoes we would all walk around barefoot.

Yet shoes are left to the free market and EVERYONE can afford shoes.

Even the poorest of people have shoes and it wasn't because someone put a gun to another person's head to pay for them.

What about that?

P.S. And you better take the time to watch the Walter Block video... or I won't take you seriously!!!!

In case you forgot, here is the link:

These debates must be had, the future of liberty depends on it!