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Steve, likewise, I know where you are going this...

I think that although we agree on many things, there are some that we disagree.

Many people work, raise families, want to relax, etc. Paying minimal taxes may be forced, but I would rather pay that minimal tax a little each paycheck to keep roads operational, keep miltary funded and trained, things of that nature. Whether we own property or not, we live in this country and we must be defended/protected. Paying for war, even if it is ligitimate, still requires day to day operational expense. There is no way that we would be able to pay for whatever war only at the moment that it is declared, if we choose not to fund it on a consistent basis. Same with roads. Sure, your example companies could pay for roads if they use them, such as truck routes, receiving and delivering, but what about road that don't intersect routes of business? We can pay for roads ourselves out of pocket, but then humans have a tendency to slack off because of other expenses, laziness, whatever the excuse. That would then place the burden on those who are consistent and demand good roads, leaving those who slack off getting a free ride. That to me is unjust, unfair.

The Constitution may or may not be perfect, but I believe that it was very well thought out and one of the best documents aside from Ten Commandments that we have. It is by the people for the people in the fairest manner considering that we all must coexist with one another. Others like obama believe that it is deeply falwed. I do not for a second believe that it is 'deeply' flawed or has failed, but rather we have failed by not enforcing it when others do not adhere to it. There again, the Constitution is only as good as the people want it to be. When people don't defend their natural or God-given rights, it is not the Constitution that has failed. Likewise, when elected representatives do not follow the Constitution and resort to bribes and special interest, again it is NOT the Constitution that has failed, but rather you, me and others who have failed by not holding our reps accountable.

The Cosntitution is merely words on paper. Bill of Rights, on paper. It is each and every individual that must open the document and ensure that it is followed. When you don't, that is when we are taken advantage of and we are in the situation that we are in today. And this even goes back over 100 years, because the people let it happen.

I am glad that we are discussing this, I hope that we can continue :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul