Comment: Very good. I do believe you

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Very good. I do believe you

Very good.

I do believe you are incorrect on the issue of roads, but I understand where you are coming from.

Why should you believe me, especially since we all grew up in an environment where the state maintained the roads?

I can see how you might think; "this is the way it has always been, and I cannot imagine it any other way."

But I do not care HOW the roads are maintained, as long as people who refuse to pay are not subjected to violence to get the job done.

There would be no "free-loaders" since that phenomenon only exists with socialized services.

With marketed services, no one free loads, either you pay and get the good or service, or you do not and you go without.

A quick note on national defense:

Do you know why one state invades another?

Could it be that the foreign state wants the tax revenue of the opposing state?

So hear this out:

China invades America.

But in this America, there is no compulsory tax system. Everything is market based. (and the people are quite prosperous and happy because of this, I might add)

So China foolishly invades this stateless society that has no tax structure.

They are met with a whole continent of well armed folks who are defending their homes.

China cannot win.

It would be like Vietnam situation for China, Americans fighting guerrilla warfare-style.

There is no way for China to win.

If there is no formal state for China to apprehend, and there is no tax structure for the Chinese to leech off of, there is no prize.

China is better off trading with this free nation.

Let me repeat, all states invade one another to gain control of their tax structures.

That is what the "civil" war was about.

So, in this case, we are actually at a higher risk of invasion by having a state with an existing tax structure.

The very reason we need a national defense is not to protect YOU, silly, but the protect the power structure that our rulers now maintain.

Without a tax base, no foreign state would ever want to launch an invasion.

Foreign governments invade so that they can take over other governments.

If you have no official or imposed structure for them to take over and start collecting tax revenues from, then you have no reason to invade.

One last time, tax structures are the very reason we are at risk of other nations invading.

The tax system is the ONLY thing that a foreign state is after.

But what if China invaded, killed enough of us, and then tried to start imposing taxes?

Good luck, China.

A country that is not used to paying taxes would be impossible to start collecting from.

The sheer cost of occupying America would not be worth it.

In the end, China is better off trading with the Americas.

National defense is not for you, but for the bankers, the politicians, and the fascists.

I bet you never heard something make perfect sense like this one, huh?