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Here's a scenario..

If we were armed with guns. Say we had natural resources like oil, gold, wheat... and every citizen was armed, which they are not. And China, Russia, whoever, wanted our resources. If I wanted those resources, I'd save my troops from gun-toting Americans, drop a few nukes and be done with it, wait until the fallout clears and then send the troops and freighters in. Not only the resources, but they would have our land, set up their bases here so that it would be easier to take Canada, Mexico and other locations strategic to America. They would insert their government here and there ya go, China or Russia just won.

In an ideal situation, my preference would be to pay small taxes to keep intelligence up and the sophisticated equipment required to do so, train and keep military, ships, subs, satellites, tanks, jets on standby and keep our borders well defended.

Our founding fathers had pretty good insight.

Josie The Outlaw

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul