Comment: Evil, and we are paying for it.

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Evil, and we are paying for it.

This is important.
First of all, dairy subsidies cause(d) many/most small dairy farmers to go out of business, giving huge tax breaks and payments to the big guys (my husband's small dairy farm in Holland being one of them.)

Second, by the big getting bigger, the quality of life for the consumers, animals, land, employees... has grown into a devilish monster, with commercially produced milk virtually poisoning the consumer: A/1 A/1 milk, antibiotics, hormones, pasteurization, homogenization, meat from spent dairy cattle... poisoning the animals in CAFO's with antibiotics, unnatural food, dirty conditions, GMO feed, untold suffering...

If Congress decides to end this subsidy practice (using our tax dollars to fund this evil) and prices do rise, hopefully more people would stop drinking this poisoned milk altogether and health across the globe would dramatically improve. More cattle would be spared from having to live this life of hell, and more land would be spared the ravages of GMO crops and poisons.

This would hopefully make way for people to research why this type of milk is so dangerous, and why raw, purely grass-fed milk (even better if it is A/2 A/2) is so life giving and more people would get their own cows and support those who are willing to start up raw, clean dairies. The price of Real Milk is definitely worth it, and think how much suffering we could end?